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love  Unexpected  

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Making it Out(Canceled) about to make a new one...

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"Just dont worry about it sweetie your safe with me"my dad said trying to
ease my pain."why does she hate me daddy?What did i do so bad to make her not want me,love me?
What is it I want to know",referring to my mother.My mother and I didnt have that close bond...
matter of fact i dont remember having a bond at all...SHAME is all i can say..That was the PAST this is
the PRESENT and my FUTURE awaits me...

2months BEFORE

"fuck you,you little slut!you aint gone be shit just like me!"my mother yelled as she pushed
her finger deeper into my forhead."now go outside and make my money!Thats all your good for!"
Maybe she was right..my mom never gave a shit about me so why should i give a damn about myself?? I walked out my mothers one bedroom apartment located in the ghetto projects of brooklyn to do what i was told..look at me 17 years old in an environment with prostitutes and crackheads while my dad whom my mother would never let me visit or associate with over the phone was living the life in a big playboy mansion in the suburbs! I always wonder how could a man like that want a woman like my triflan ass mama..

"hey sweet thang,can i take you for a ride?"some old ass man called out to me..Are you freaking serious? This old cat looked as if he could be my grandfather. Unexpectantly I waved him off and shot the bird,speed walking down the side walk not noticing the old man in the cadillac was following me slowly in his car.."Is there something you want!?"walking faster hoping and praying to god that this man doesnt try anything on me..

Before i knew it old dude had the nerve to snatch me up and put me into his car..the last thing i could hear was screeching tires..everything went black in a matter of seconds.........

should i keep going??

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why'd yu stopp? lol yess keep it goingg, it sounds interesting.
wonder where this will take herr. Gosh her mama is !!!!


Street Lights

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Yes keep going.
So her mom is a crack feign...
smh and her daddy must have
hit her up on the side lines and
that was it...Add more...


Stories by Me:
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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

4 makin it out on Tue May 18, 2010 9:17 pm


I awakend surrounded in darkness,not knowing where i was..Was this a dream? Just then lights flickered on revealing the same old man that i saw in the cadillac who was moving closer and closer to the bed i was placed in..i tried to move but my lower body felt weak..like someone had tore a hole inside of me. I was a virgin but from the feeling of it i was no longer one.."your mine now,you thought i was gonna let you get away that easy?" gripping my face turning it towards him."please just let me go!" without any more words he slapped me sending a stinging sensation down my spine. "ass whole!" i quickly kicked him in his old tired balls and made a run for it. He fell to the ground,alive or dead? i didnt know and i really didnt care.


WHo was I kidding i could barely even walk. I refused to go back to live with my mom in the small shit hole,so i called my bestfriend Adeem..Adeem was the only friend I had..not because i was mean or anything like that its just i could trust him.

"hey adeem!"holding back the tears that were forming in my eyes.
"Lauren you alright?...(silence)..hello! bby girl.
"deem please come pick me up?"
"okay im coming just tell me what happend?!"
"I was raped!!"
"wtf where are you!?"
"on the corner of mt.vernon and doolittle"i said looking up at the stop sign in front of me.
WHen the line clicked i knew Deem was pissed and when he gets here he would try to kill the nigga who did this to me. in 10 minutes Deem pulled up in his all black range rover sittin on black rims with 24's. He jumped out and helped me to the car..

"you not going home tonight Lauren i promise you that"


where's the rest??? i like this...
wanna know what's gonna happen next!!

Stories running
My Happy Ever After NEW
Love Mist

Coming Soon
Last Call

Will be revived
Underneath the Make-Up
Dark Secret

Thanks for all the support ladies!!
Please read and leave feedback!!



this story is good!!!
keep going!!


good story.... its gonna be gucci i can tell



add add add
cant wait for the next add

9 NEW ADD 05-19-2010 on Wed May 19, 2010 8:39 pm



"Deem im not going back there"
"lauren,how do you put up with her?"
"i dont wanna talk about it okay"
I noticed the cold look he gave me a stare that burned my heart..I didnt have the right to keep things away from Deem,after all he was my bestriend.

"look Deem im sorry ok", I sighed then continued,"can you give me one of your shirts so i can get out of these clothes?"
"yeah man"he mumbled as he walked slowly over to his black wooden dresser and pulled out an all white tee handing it to me.
"thank you" snatching it and walking in his connected bathroom..

Usually I would take a warm shower but my legs felt weak and I needed a steaming hot bath. As soon as my body hit the water I felt a stinging sensation surround the inside and outside of my woman hood,"ouch!", I winced in pain. WHy did this happen to me? Did I deserve this?
After I exited the tub,and dried off, I put on Deems white tee and went into his room to find him asleep in his bed.
"Deem?" I whispered,just to see if he was in a deep sleep.
"Come on get in"he said tiredly as he lifted up the covers. I hurried over to get under the covers and turned my back to Deem. The room became silent, between me and Deem there were no words exchanged until he began to speak.
"I heard you in the bathroom...do you need me to take you to the emergency room?"
"no im okay"I lied. "L, you sure because.." he began but I cut him short.
"I said Im fine!" I yelled, regreting it after.
"Im just tryna help your ass Lauren! Man I guess your mama turned you into a bitch! This aint you man! I dont know who you are no mo!" he said shifting around.
"Adeem, you have no worries my mother beats me makes me sell drugs,my body! How dare you say my mother turned me into a bitch?! huh? Do you realize what I go through. Some man I didnt even know took something so precious from me Deem. I cant get it back!..you know what I dont need this" I got up and hurried to his bedroom door until i felt Deems hands grabbing my arm and throwing me against the wall.."where the fuck are you going" "Let go of me!" snatching away from his grip but he was way too strong to try to fight with. For some reason I got this funny feeling in my head. No No No not deem he was my bestfriend."Lauren dont leave me..I love you too much too see you like this." he said looking deep into my big hazel eyes. Before I could respond Deem pushed his muscular body against mine,and began kissing my awaiting lips. "I love you too Deem"
"Stay with me tonight L..I want to hold you tonight..noone will ever hurt you again..EVER."
With that said we walked back to the bed and layed down in each others arms drifting off to sleep.


flashlight..! ♥️
im lovn it..! =)


thanks girls!...sorri for the misunderstanding I changed Roland into Deem. lol




Lauren's mom came back for her the day after that night we shared our first kiss
and i never saw her again. I miss my baby girl, I hate not knowing where she is or is she
safe.Her phone was off. I went our her house numerous times hoping that the eviction notice I kept
seeing will soon just go away and would be a joke...but it never went away,and Lauren
never came back. I was chillin in my apartment just staring into the wall,until I heard a
knock on the door. "yo,who is it!", I yelled to the person who's on the other side of
my door.."Its Young Joe man open up its important!",I rushed to the door and opened it
to see what the fuck this nigga was talking about.."what?"
"I know where Lauren is!Word around the projects is her mama beat her up,and they say
a nigga looking like big daddy kane came bussing up in there.And took L with him."
"Was it that nigga who raped her?" "what rape?"
"nothing" "oh but check this out they say its her daddy, dude got alot of doe lets jack him"
"Naw bruh none of that crazy stuff ima handle it"

I picked up my phone

and headed out to my truck to see where my baby girl was.

When we arrived to my dads pad..It was gorgeous go ahead take a look

I looked over at my dad as he put the car in park

"Well La La I cant tell you why your mom is acting like this,that wasnt the same woman i met in highschool"
my dad said as he whiped a tear from my cheek..I love you baby girl."
"I love you too"

When we entered the house I just stood there because his house looked
way better then my moms cramped up apartment.

"I fixed up your room and put you some clothes in your drawers and closet, i hope I picked out the right

I kept looking in shock as I followed him to my new room
when he opened the door this is what i saw..

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her room is bangin'..! =)


it was good cant wait tell they meet up again!!
I wish i had a room like that.....oh well though i dont Sad lol

15 NEW ADD ~Making it Out~ on Tue May 25, 2010 3:14 pm



I've been staying with Dwayne for a while even though i was just 17
things been crazy in my life...ive been trying to get on the label with young
money so i could get up on my feet...I heard Dwayne talking to someone
but I didnt pay him no mind until a heard the most sweetest voice answering his
question..I walked into the room I heard him talking in and there stood the most
sexiest lil thang on earth....

"oh baby girl this is tyga,tyga Lauren"
"Hi" she whispered shyly sitting down on her bed
"whats up"
"Well umm im about to order yall some pizza i have to go to training tonight",Dwayne explained as
he walked towards her bedroom door...but turned around to say one last thing,"pepporoni right Ren?"
"yes daddy",she smiled...DAddy?? Dwayne had a daughter?

When Dwayne walked out i decided to sit in Lauren's soft looking chair across from her bed.

"Look I was about to go get some ice cream at baskin robins if you wanted to come?" i lied
To tell the truth i just wanted to get to know her not because she was beautiful...she looked like my type.

"sure i guess, just let me throw something on okay?"

After that said i rushed out her room so she could get dressed.

I rushed into my closet

And picked out this shirt

These shorts

And these shoes

Sorri its so short but i have to go will write more tewmora! luv yhu guyz!!!!

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Finally caught up and you need to add


Stories by Me:
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]As always my compliments goes to Jas


New Page = New Add


Stories by Me:
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]As always my compliments goes to Jas


Thnx for the new page



After getting dressed I walked out of my closet looking fresh to death lol.
But even though Tyga was cute and all I was still thinking about Deem. Will
we ever find each other again will he come for me? Does he even know I'm
gone? I dont know his number by heart and my mom took my phone, Im all out
of options.

I walked down stairs

And made my way to the kitchen and this is what I saw

My dad was on the phone ordering pizza and Tyga was standing there staring at
"you okay?", I asked him as I waved my hand in his face. "oh yeah I'm cool, you ready?"

He then took my hand and led me outside. There were a selection of cars out side

The Benz
The Lexus

The Yukon

I decided the Lexus was banging so we hopped in speeding down the street.
When we finally pulled up to the mall Tyga got out and came around on my side to open the door. Surprised

"I could have opened the door Tyga its not an issue sweetie",knowing it was kinda cute that he opened the door
"Sorry but its just being polite sweetie",we both burst out laughing at his remark.

IN the ice cream parler.

The vanilla ice cream was getting hella good until some chick walked up to Tyga and tapped him on his shoulder.

"So you doing it like that Tyga!?"
"MAn Nickii gone on girl,I dont have time for this shit!"

The type of girl I use to be would have knocked the fuck out of Nickii but
that girl has left me. Instead I decided to retrieve my ice cream and headed
to the door.

"where you goin?!",Tyga asked as I kept on walking.
"Home",I snapped not looking back.
"NAw how you gone get there?"
"I got feet! Shit",turning around and lifting up my right eyebrow refusing to
let him see the jealous expression on my innocent face."Besides I dont want to get in you and your girls way"
I smiled and continued to walk away he wasnt about to get my heart broken I refused.


I drove around for hours and finally ended up at this mall about two hours away from my
apartment. Entering the mall I was mad tired so I decided to have a seat on one of the
benches in the food court. Dont know if I was tripping or what but I suddenly saw Lauren
appear right infront of my eyes walking past me not paying attention.

"Aye Lauren!",I yelled and she turned around with slight anger in her eyes. I thought she would
look my way but she looked in the opposite direction of another dude. Dude looked familiar
but that wasnt my concern at this moment. My main concern was Lauren. I began walking over until
dude wrapped his arms around my baby girl. Sad Stopping in my tracks I slowly turned away
and began walking towards the entrance of the mall heading to my car. As I jumbed in my vehicle
and put the key in the ignition, I glanced up seeing those two heading for their car. I'm not a spy or
nothing but I was going to see where Lauren had disappeared to. scratch

I followed them all the way to what seemed like Dwayne Wades house
that I seen on cribs a few years back. When they went in the house I
waited a minute or two and dude came back out and left. I jumped out
my car and ran for the door and knocked on the door.

"coming!", Lauren's sweet little voice shouted.

With in 30 seconds the door began to unlock and swung open and there
stood Lauren looking down then up at me.

"Deem?!", before I could say anything she jumped on me
wrapping her legs around my torso.

"Wait Lauren",slightly pushing her off me.

"Whats wrong?"

"Who the fuck is that dude you was with at the mall...yeah I was there"

"I'm not fucking him Deem!,If thats what your thinking you know me I'm too scared
to even do that stuff"

"Who's house is this?"

"My daddy's, just come in"

As I walked in i saw the most nicest
livingroom I've ever seen.
"So your dad is Dwayne Wade? HOw the hell he meet your mama?"

"I know right?",she smiled with all her pearly whites lighting up the entire room.

"So what happend?"

"Look I really dont want to talk about it Deem"

"Thats your problem you never want to talk about it, You too busy worrying about this nigga huh?!"

"You know thats not it Deem! I'm too busy tryna make it out!",then tears started pouring down her face.

Just great Deem you hurt the girl you have fell in love with. You fucked up man......


soory girls have to cancel this i dont like it any more iyts getting un organized sorri about to redo!!!

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