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1 DISCUSSION/ADVICE [ PLEASE JOIN] on Sat Apr 10, 2010 5:21 pm

sinqlebby !

ohh kk hey everybody ; ii ain`t been on here in FOREVER ! haha . but ii reallyy needed to come on here and ask for yalls advice . well it`s not advice for me but my cuzzin . if you can`t qive advice, and opinion will be juszx as qood . she asked for my advice and ii reallyy couldn`t help her b.c ii had never been nn this type of situation ; so hopefullyy ii can qet some outlook from yall .

ohh kk soo she messes w. this boy. she is in my qrade [freshman] and he is a junior. hee is pretty known for tllkinqq to a lot of qirls and he has had sex w. almost 10. ohh kk so they have tlkinqq for almost 3 months. he took her virqinityy and she said they had sex 3 times. three has been some other physical encounters between them also. from her knowledge, he hasn`t told anyone at the school and he told her he wasn`t qoinq to say anythinqq. now he has told her he doesn`t qoo w. qirls but at the same time he tells her thtt he tlks to other qirls but no the way he tllks to her . whtt do yall think this means ? so basicallyy they have no commitment and he claims he doesn`t mess w. anyone. now my cuzzin is a veryy paranoid chickk nn she is suspectinqq he is tlkkinq to someone else . there is so much she tells me lol ii can`t even remmember everythinqq but some of the thinqszx are he wasn`t callinqq her like usual nn on his status on f'book he was tlkkinqq about a past relationship he had w. a qirl . she told him about it ; he chanqed it . he was havinqq aa low-key convo w. an ex qirl one of his statuses but ended up deletinqq it . omqq it`s jus so much thtts leads to her thinkinqq he is tlkinqq to someone and ii don`t blame her b.c they have no commitment and he can do whtt he wants. whtt do yall think ? should she stay in this situation ? ohh yeahh and two qirls at their school don`t like her b.c of him .

2 Re: DISCUSSION/ADVICE [ PLEASE JOIN] on Sat Apr 10, 2010 8:37 pm


Well...thats just basically common sense
what do you expect from a relationship
that has no boundaries. You haven't made
any commitment so if you suspect it then
most of the times its true. Don't get freaked
over one dude though because she is only
in the ninth grade. Do you know how many
years she has after that to be serious with
somebody. So enjoy life without the concerns
of worrying if your bf is cheating...Thats my opinion...



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3 Re: DISCUSSION/ADVICE [ PLEASE JOIN] on Sat Apr 10, 2010 9:24 pm


Real talk, if they have no commitment then she can't be upset if he talks to any girl. She shouldn't just sleep with someone if they aren't willing to be exclusive to her.

back at it Smile

4 Re: DISCUSSION/ADVICE [ PLEASE JOIN] on Mon Apr 12, 2010 2:46 pm

sinqlebby !

ohh kk quyszx thankszx so much ; ima need for her to let whtt yall sinkk in .
and true we are still younq and uu most likely don`t find the one uu will call ur
soul mate now anywayszx . but yeahh thnkszx aqain nn ii will most def.
qive yalls advice .

5 Re: DISCUSSION/ADVICE [ PLEASE JOIN] on Mon Apr 12, 2010 4:34 pm


w/ no commitment, he can go w/e; just lykee she kan..

she shud either leave, or tell him how
she really feels. Bc w/ him being older
he's had wayy more expeirence than her.
She shudd talk to him about them being commited to
each other. and if he doesnt want to, then thtz her
tym saved instead of wasting it wondering who he's
talkin to/txtn/f'book'n/etc. he was her 1st so i see why
she's paranoid. but she shuddnt put all her heart into a
guy who's not just satisfied with just herr.


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6 Re: DISCUSSION/ADVICE [ PLEASE JOIN] on Tue Apr 13, 2010 11:34 pm

sinqlebby !

thnkszx girll = )

and uu know whtt tht is soooo truee . ii mean ii can
understand her likinqq him but she shouldn`t qive her
all if he issn`t ; ii mean common sense ; unless she wants
too look stupid in thee end . but yeahh love thee advice .
uuuqqqhh whtt is wronqq w. these boyszx

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